First lay your pants out on a flat surface and line them with plastic bags all the way so the bleach won’t bleed through. Now get a cup and fill it with half bleach and a little water. Use an paintbrush you don’t like and dip the brush part ito the cup of bleach. Now draw squiggly lines on your pants. Make sure the bleach is nice and event so one part isn’t lighter than the other too much. It can be on any part and doesn’t need to be squiggly lines, it can be anything you want. Once you do that, let it air dry all the way. (sun for better effect)

  Now that the pants are dry it will look a little weird but trust the process. Get a cup and mix a the fabric and acrylic paint together. Get your second paintbrush and dip the it in the cup. Paint in the middle of your bleach streaks. Make sure it’s nice and even amounts on every section. You might need to do a second coat just to make sure it’s extra noticeable. After it’s all dry, Wash it before you wear it to see if it comes off and just to get all the excess paint and bleach off. Hang drying it for the first few uses might also keep it nicer.  

Once you have done all the steps above, you can where it!  Hope you enjoy this diy clothes hack and keep looking for more to come!

Wednesday, November 18, 2020


  • Plastic Bags         
  • Bleach
  • water
  • Cups
  • 2 Paint brushes (1 bad thick & 1 thin)
  • Fabric Paint
  • Acrylic Paint

I used this idea from a girl on tiktok. Her account name is Lydia. Go thank her if you like this!



Nature is beautiful in mysterious ways. Don’t ever forget your part of nature.


The earth has many different adventures for us but we need to push threw the tough to get to the good.


If you can dream it you can be it is what all parents tell us so keep that mato and go do your very best and fly!


Family isn’t only by blood but by heart. Choose what kind of family you want and make them yours.

Calming yourself

Some people need things to help keep them calm so just take deep breaths and think of something else and that should help a little.


Exercising is good for your body. You don’t need to run a 5K every day but you should at least walk for a total of a half hour.


You can use most plastic and make it the most beautiful thing or plant seeds and have a healthy garden.


Some trash is good for growing plants so before you try and copy the pictures, do you research on if it’s safe and how long it will last.

Healthy Food

Everyone likes a midday snack so instead of grabbing out the junk food like usual, try to have an apple or salad and you will thank yourself later!


               Covid 19                          


Cerona has been a problem for some while now and this article will give you some things to look out for, to do, to not do and how to react. 

First thing you need know is how to protect yourself. A mask is a necessary thing for life now. You can use a bandana and tie it around your face or you can get two rubber bands and a bandana and follow the following instructions. First lay the bandana flat on a surface. Then fold it in half and after into three’s. Now put each rubber band at the end of the bandana about a thumb away and fold one side onto the middle with the top corner folded so the other side can be put into it so it stays put. You can wear around now and if you want to be extra safe, put another piece of cloth in the bandana in the middle. Now put the rubber bands around your ears and you are ready to do out, just make sure the mask is over your nose and your mouth. You can fold the mask less if your face is bigger if it doesn’t cover the correct amount of area too.

Video by Gustavo Fring from Pexels


This is a video to try to help you understand others have gone threw or are still going threw in this pandemic. In this video by Gustavo Fring, he is showing us that parents are having tough times working while still taking care and entertaining their kids. If you know people that need help during their working schedule, lend a hand or get a few parents together yourself and have one parent every couple days take care of all of them so they can each have a turn to work and not pay too much or any to have your/their kids babysat.