First lay your pants out on a flat surface and line them with plastic bags all the way so the bleach won’t bleed through. Now get a cup and fill it with half bleach and a little water. Use an paintbrush you don’t like and dip the brush part ito the cup of bleach. Now draw squiggly lines on your pants. Make sure the bleach is nice and event so one part isn’t lighter than the other too much. It can be on any part and doesn’t need to be squiggly lines, it can be anything you want. Once you do that, let it air dry all the way. (sun for better effect)

  Now that the pants are dry it will look a little weird but trust the process. Get a cup and mix a the fabric and acrylic paint together. Get your second paintbrush and dip the it in the cup. Paint in the middle of your bleach streaks. Make sure it’s nice and even amounts on every section. You might need to do a second coat just to make sure it’s extra noticeable. After it’s all dry, Wash it before you wear it to see if it comes off and just to get all the excess paint and bleach off. Hang drying it for the first few uses might also keep it nicer.  

Once you have done all the steps above, you can where it!  Hope you enjoy this diy clothes hack and keep looking for more to come!

Wednesday, November 18, 2020


  • Plastic Bags         
  • Bleach
  • water
  • Cups
  • 2 Paint brushes (1 bad thick & 1 thin)
  • Fabric Paint
  • Acrylic Paint

I used this idea from a girl on tiktok. Her account name is Lydia. Go thank her if you like this!


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